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1. Field of View (FOV)
VRIZZMO Rebel offers a view angle (FOV) over 120 degrees, which places it high above competing solutions.

What is this?
FOV mean field of view. It is the key parameter defining the quality of VR goggles. The higher the value, the greater the sensation of "immersion" (being engrossed in virtual reality). Most commercially available devices are based on Google Cardboard solutions and, therefore, offer FOV of around 90 degrees. Cheap Chinese devices often have an even smaller FOV. VRIZZMO Rebel stands out from its known competition by offering the widest FOV.

Why is this so important?
Larger coverage of the field of view makes the virtual reality experience feel more complete. Most competitive devices offer a relatively narrow field of view, giving the effect of viewing the world through a window. VRIZZMO Rebel also covers peripheral vision and we can look around the picture by moving our eyes.

How did we achieve it?
VRIZZMO Rebel has a unique system of two joined together fresnel lenses for each eye. Thanks to the appropriate choice of parameters, we were able to get the screen as close to the user's face as possible while keeping its entire surface in sight. Thus, the whole field of view is filled with image, including the area of peripheral view.

2. Built-in button that can replace the magnet in Google Cardboard applications.

3. Weight
VRIZZMO Rebel weighs less than 170g which distinguishes it from the competition (e.g., Samsung Gear VR weighs more than 300g).

Why is this so important?
Prolonged use of goggles may tire the muscles of the neck. The higher the weight of the goggles, the faster the muscles will tire. Remember that the weight of the goggles does not include the weight of the phone which varies by model and can range from 100 to 200g. For the feeling of immersion to be full, we can't be feeling the fatigue caused by wearing goggles.

How did we achieve it?
We used various types of light materials and thoughtful design, which lacks unnecessary and random elements. Even the decorative elements have a structural function.

4. Dimensions
Dimensions of VRIZZMO Rebel are making it one of the smaller (if not the smallest) available VR goggles. However, despite the small size, you can use them with even the largest smartphones such as Samsung Note 4 or iPhone 6Plus.

Why is this so important?
The smartphone is the heaviest part of the goggles. According to the laws of physics, the farther the center of gravity of the goggles is from the face, the greater the force exerted on the wearer's head will be. In VRIZZMO Rebel the phone is as close to the face as possible, with only the nose stopping it from being even closer. Thanks to this, the length of the arm at the end of which the mass (smartphone) is placed is the smallest possible and hence, also the force affecting the face of the user, so we practically don't feel the presence of the goggles on our face.

How did we achieve it?
Thanks to a special arrangement of two joined together fresnel lenses for each eye, we have reached optic parameters unattainable by competitive solutions based on single lens. Apart from a very wide view angle, its also the minimum distance from the screen to face.

5. Ventilation
VRIZZMO Rebel has a special ventilation channels allow air circulation inside the goggles.

Why is this so important?
To the impression of immersion was complete, goggles must fully block the entry of light from outside.

How did we achieve it?
We designed a special design of the double walled "light traps" through which air can flow freely, and the light is stopped.

Technical requirements:

Practically any smartphones with the screen in the range from 4.5" to 6.0" can work with VRIZZMO goggles. To use the VRIZZMO your smartphone should have:
- Accelerometer
a minimum resolution of 720x1280
Smartphone may not be smaller than 120mm x 65mm and larger than 161mm x 82mm

We recommend resolution 1080x1920 or higher and screen 5''. Check the technical requirements for VRIZZMO on our website.

The package contains:
- 1x VRIZZMO Rebel VR goggles (smartphone not included)
- 1x User manual
- 1x Strap


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